Project Management

We manage facility-planning, construction, equipment installation and operations roll-out for new and expanding companies. 

Construction Management

Adah International specializes in Construction Project Management (CPM): CPM is the overall planning, coordination, and management of a project from beginning to completion. CPM means meeting your requirements in order to produce a functionally and financially viable project.  

Example Process:

  • Working with the client's personnel, we assist in creating the initial design, layout, schedule and budget for overall project
  • From there, we research, interview and recommend the best possible design-build team
  • We create the Requests for Proposals / Quotes (RFP's / RFQ's)
  • We receive all proposals and quotes and with the client's direction we develop the complete budget and schedule
  • During construction, we manage the design-build team on behalf of the client, its customers and stakeholders
  • We track progress, and report and present regular updates to the client, its staff, ownership and customers
  • We prevent delays and mistakes without adding work to the client or detriment to its customers
  • We keep the project on time, on budget and within the client's quality standards
  • After completion, we provide building maintenance and repair services

Planning & Rollout Management

Adah International also specializes in Planning & Rollout Management: the introduction of a new product, process or service to new or existing operations. Outside Planning & Rollout Management services are needed most when there is little time and human resources to properly prepare and setup a customer's new operation.

Example Process:

  • Researching and creating budgets and schedules according to the client's and customer's needs
  • Assessment of existing, and procurement or new equipment needed in the operation process
  • Co-working and cross-functioning with existing project managers and engineers
  • Tracking schedule and budget and reporting progress to the client, its customers and stakeholders
  • Maintaining project documents according to client and customer standards
  • Adhering the overall project to the client and customer's quality and standards
  • Codeveloping operating procedures and work instructions with existing personnel
  • Codeveloping personnel organization and duties to achieve a balance of maximum productivity and morale
  • Recruiting and training of existing and new personnel
  • Maintenance and continuous improvement of operations during and after startup

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Industries served

    • Aerospace
    • Automotive
    • Aviation
    • Food & Beverage
    • Logistics
    • Advanced Energy
    • Government & Non-profit
    • Maritime
    • Construction
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We develop project-specific training programs, manage recruitment and seek funding for new and expanding companies. 

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